Hagenuk Marinekommunikation GmbH Overview


Hagenuk Marinekommunikation GmbH (HMK) is one of the world's pre-eminent suppliers of Integrated Communications Systems for surface ships and submarines and has supplied over 500 such systems to over 40 countries world-wide including 140 systems for submarine application. Although based in Germany, HMK has in the past undertaken major contracts for the RAN and RNZN in conjunction with SYSTECH with customers including CEA Technologies, BAES and Thales (for the ANZAC ships internal/external comms system).

Previous Submarine/ Maritime Experience

SYSTECH has provided numerous HMK comms subsystems including in particular HF subsystems to local system integrators for various naval programs including HMAS SIRIUS, ACPBs, CCPBs, RAN hydgrographic ships and the RNZN Protector ships (HMNZS Canterbury (MRV), OPVs and IPVs). SYSTECH has also project managed several local naval projects on behalf of HMK.

HMK has previously supplied significant parts of the RAN and RNZN ANZAC ship internal / external communications system in conjunction with Thales. In the submarine domain, HMK has supplied approximately140 integrated communication systems for submarine application for a number of platforms including:

  • 205, 206, 209, 212A, 214 class, RN Astute class, Walrus Class, Sauro Class
  • Locally, HMK is currently providing the HF sub-system for the RAN's Collins Class submarine.

    HMK has also provided Integrated Communications Systems (ICS) for a wide range of surface ships including Destroyers, Frigates, Corvettes, Patrol Boats and support ships, with recent systems being provided for the Germany Navy's K130 Corvettes and EGV combat support ships.


    As well as complete ICS solutions, HMK has a wide range of comms products including:

    • 3000 Series HF transceivers / receivers in the range 150 W to 10 kW including such features as wideband IP, high speed modems, 2nd and 3rd generation ALE and Link 11/22 support
    • SEICAM 5000 IP based Internal / External Voice/Data distribution and control system. This system is the cornerstone of the HMK internal / external communications system, being a decentralised, broad-band IP-based communication network infrastructure for external and internal communications on Naval vessels. It supports interfacing to External (BLACK) elements such as Radios, Modems, Crypto devices and Plain voice communications, as well as Internal (RED) elements. It facilitates services including point to point voice comms and conferences, external radio comms including data links, data, EMCON and crypto and modem routing, video conferences, message handling and remote radio control. Security features including Red/Black separation, VPNs and firewalls. System control and management is via a flexible yet powerful user interface and enables the setup, display and monitoring of radio circuits (COMPLAN) and remote control of all radios.

    Further details on the company and it's products can be found on their website ...https://www.hmk.atlas-elektronik.com/company-info/