HENSOLDT Sensors Overview

HENSOLDT (formerly the electronics division of Airbus Defence and Space) is a global leading supplier of premium sensors for security and surveillance missions. It's predecessors include such renowned German companies as Telefunken, Dornier, Siemens Sicherungstechnik and Carl Zeiss Optronics.

The company's main areas of activity include the protection of critical infrastructure, air defence, airborne self-protection, vehicle and convoy protection, signal intelligence and data links, as well as night vision, thermal imaging, laser rangefinding and optronic targeting. It's solutions are deployed on numerous platforms, including helicopters (e.g. CH53, CH47D, Blackhawk, NH90, Tiger), aircraft (e.g. F-16, P3-C, C130, Eurofighter, Gripen and Rafale), unmanned aerial vehicles (EUROHAWK), ships (e.g. USN LCS ship, F125), submarines (U212 and U209), armoured vehicles (e.g. PUMA and LEOPARD) as well as satellites. 

Previous Experience

The company has been active in the Australian and New Zealand market since the 1980s and with SYSTECH support has provided a range of products and systems including:

  • VHF Jammers for the Australian Army
  • CESM systems for the RAN and RNZN ANZAC Ships
  • EWSP systems and associated Mission Support systems for the ARH Tiger and MRH90 Taipan and NZDF NH90 helicopters
  • Missile Warning systems (MILDS, AN/AAR-60) for the AP-3C, CH47D Chinook and Blackhawk aircraft
  • IFF systems for the RAN LHD and AOR ships
  • Fixed ATM radars / IFF for the RAAF

Further details on the company and it's products can be found on their website...https://www.hensoldt.net/